The Golden Gate Dirty Thirty consists of a 50K and a 12 mi. trail races in the mountains of Colorado at Golden Gate Canyon State Park.  It is held in May and supports the local Gilpin County High School athletics.  The race is run through rugged mountain and canyon terrain which is definitely a challenge to the fit and able; a hard wall for those who have not trained and prepared properly!  There are cash prizes to the top male and female.

View the course map to get an idea of the terrain and complexity of the trail to be run.  This is not a race to enter if you haven’t trained for it and/or are not in condition to run the extreme terrain and distance.  We hope that the Runners Tips and the Lectures/Training sections here at our website will be a help to you.

Endurance is an essential quality when you plan to run in races such as the Golden Gate Dirty Thirty. Enjoy our site’s compilation of endurance training videos!

Proper Running Technique: Running Form Tips and Drills